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Student Testimonials

“The model of this program, interning and learning alongside other collegiate students, is fantastic.“

“I didn’t come expecting to grow so much. I came expecting to intern and learn and be
surrounded by a great group of people. To say my expectations were exceeded was an understatement. Within a week of starting I could feel I was back in a growth mindset
– a mindset I probably had not been in for a few years. I was surrounded by peers who challenged me, made me question and think and most importantly inspired me to be a
better version of myself. I loved being in a place where I truly found myself learning from those around me. And the best part about it was that it happened
organically. On multiple occasions, I found myself on the roof singing or having deep conversations late into the morning on Thursday nights. Students taking initiative
(combined with the great support we got from all the staff!) made the program amazing. I really think we had an exceptional group and the hardest part for me was
finding the time to do everything – learn, intern, socialize.”

“I had never been in a community like this before, it was incredible!”

“This program really allowed me to grow as an individual religiously, learning in general, and also learning more on my own and
adding to my Judaism. I think it was important that there was such a diverse group of Jewish backgrounds on this trip which made the environment unique. We all had
something to learn from each other, and the fact that we all wanted to be here and valued the opportunity played a huge positive role.”

“The communal aspect was phenomenal. I wouldn’t know what to improve.”

“Working in Israel felt like a genuine experience of what Israeli culture is truly like. It made the idea of Aliyah seem more
tangible and realistic for the future. The level of independence allowed me to experience Israel in all its facets while simultaneously having the support of people on
this program going through similar experiences and coming from similar backgrounds.”

“I was able to see what its like to work here and through my internship make a bunch of connections that helped me to better
understand what the best route of action for my future would be.”